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Infamous Gaming
Spiral 1944 Germany RP
Official Purge Online Roundbased Server CG Max
PS Rogue One ImperialRP
Tesseract Networks CWRP Free Jedi Daily Events
FR SurvivalRP FalloutRP Cataclysm 2287 RP
P- ImperialR GRAND OPENING Need CMDs and GMs
Divinity RP
Undead Servers StarwarsRP
Zenith Networks Clone Wars RServer
Gaming Gods DarkRP
FR F2.4K Le Commencement
Hyperion Servers CWR Need Commanders NEW Stranded Survival
NEW FightersCWR Clone Wars R Daily Events
Жизнь в Гетто Супер Герои
UK Black Rock Gaming - Free VIP Need Staff CSG
UK WellPlayed TTT Pointsho2 Ultra FastDL
NEW The Circle - SeriousR Need Commanders
DeltaFall UK The First Order R BETA FastDL
SGN Clone wars server l Serious Rl
Prime Gaming StarwarsRNeed Staff Commander
FR Tahos Roleplay DarkRP
Star Wars Roleplay - Clone Wars Strict Roleplay
Arche Age Gaming
DestinedR StarwarsR Semi-Serious
Recoil Networks WW2 Axis Vs Allies RP
LegacyGaming Custom Suits Mining FUN
FR AresBox M9K Pointshop2 PAC3 Wire
Silverline Servers TTT Semi Vanilla
I-R-G ImperialRP