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Rang102 Random Server
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Version Osrs rs2 317
Type Custom Content Weapon Upgrades 25x XP Rate Achievements Blowpipe Boss Pets Discord Custom Interfaces Cerberus Economy
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour26 Nov 2020
Date d'inscription18 Sep 2020


BlazeScape is a retelling of what the fun RSPS' were like in 2007, whilst maintaining the modern content that we all enjoy playing with.


There is tonnes of end-game content for you to digest, amazing bosses, great XP rates and much more.


It is RS2 loading OSRS as a hybrid, meaning we have Nex, Cerberus, Zulrah and so much more.

All skills work and are trainable.

There are PvP/Wilderness events

You really should come check us out.


Everything about Blazescape is driven by the players, you can be assured your concerns, and your ideas will be listened to.

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Runescape privés serveurs - BlazeScape serveur  | TopG
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Runescape privés serveurs - BlazeScape serveur  | TopG

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