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Rang1004 Random Server
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Version 718
Type Active staff Active 718 Oldschool 718 Minigames Custom bosses
United States
Dernière mise à jour06 Aug 2020
Date d'inscription16 Jul 2018


Eternal718 - the perfect 718, where pking and pvming is better than ever, with 25+ skills to train and 20+ bosses to kill, and the best community you'll ever witness. This server isn't your average server the staff is extremely active and helpful, with many ways besides pvming and pking to make coins like skilling and gambling, everything is worth something! Also with 4 minigames Dungeoneering, Castle Wars, Barrows, and Warriors Guild! and a custom boss named "char" which you and your friends can go at it with the beast for some juicy rewards!

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