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Rang904 Random Server
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Version 317
Type yell 100 Grand Exchange All skills working Active community Blowpipe Bank Tabs Eco Server PKing Working Pvp Friendly Staff
United States
Dernière mise à jour15 Jan 2017
Date d'inscription15 Jan 2017


Website Highscores   Virtue is a 317 server. Virtue itself, at first, was completely stripped and re-worked. Our unique style of gameplay definitely attracts all players from across the RSPS scene. In the last few months, whilst re-working from the ground up, we have learned a lot. We understand the player's needs, and the content that is most liked in terms of 07. With that being said, we have implemented 07 bosses, from Kraken to Zulrah, and Cerberus to Callisto. We have also taken the time to make sure that Virtue is unique from its competitors.   Full list of Virtue bosses
Godwars Dungeon
Dagannoth Kings
Frost Dragons
Tormented Demons
King Black Dragon
Scorpia [07]
Kraken [07]
Vladamir [Custom Boss]
Kalphite Queen
Necromancer [Custom Boss]
Corporeal Beast
Crazy Scientist [Custom Boss]
Crazy Archaelogist [07]
Callisto [07]
Zulrah [07]
Cerberus [07]
Venenatis [07]   Full list of Virtue Minigames
Warriors Guild
Pest Control
Graveyard Arena
Duel Arena
TzHaar Fight Cave
Tzhaar Fight Pit
Weapons Game
Flower Poker
Dicing   Skill Training
By clicking on a skill you will teleport to the desired location   videos
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