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Dernière PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Version 1.15.x
Type Semirp Roleplay Towns Magic Pets Survival Mini games Stats Kingdom
United States
Dernière mise à jour14 May 2020
Date d'inscription14 May 2020


Hey !

Welcome to SOL ! Survival Over Legacy !

Here, you'll be able to choose of 3 gamemodes ! Survival, Roleplay, or minigames ! In all three you have magical elements !

In survival you can choose to be a player or a parasite, you make cities, empires and more !
As a parasite you try to knock down cities, beware though ! Players also raid each other for more territory !

In roleplay, you gain stats and try to become a strong leader through quests, exams, and suck like that !

In minigames you test your agility, strength, and intelligence ! You can use elements to your advantage !

Good luck player and have fun !

Server under develepoment.. (join the discord for more information)

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