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Version 1.15 1.15.x 1.15.2
Type PvP Survival Medieval Economy LandProtection Protection Survival PvE anticheat
Dernière mise à jour17 Jan 2021
Date d'inscription12 Oct 2018

Serveur Info

Hello Minecraft players,
you propably asking what you can expect from our minecraft server?
Its simple.
you'll find:
Server translation (beta*) - /lang   (PL/SK/EN/RU)
Realistic chop tree with axe - chanse for droping goldenapple
Bank - classic, Inventory and XP
Bees - custom hives, safety harvest honey
Worlds - custom END and MineWorld
Netherit - custom crafting
Sleeping - percentage of online players sleep
Farms - buy autofarm: /farm get
Emoji - /emoji list
Jobs - /jobs browse (and click)
Heads - /heads /sellhead /hpc
Shop - /shop /sell
Auctions - /ah /ah sell 100
Protections - /lands claims
Automatic dragon revive for 2 hours
Priest /priest
MMO - RPG Skills
Better fishing with rewards
Hunger after death
No Phantoms
and other interesting features.

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