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United States
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Join Date08 Dec 2021


Welcome to Connecticut State Roleplay
Created and Founded by RichardLV

What is our server's goal?

Our goal is to create a server as realistic as possible we are an ESX server starting off slowly starting with 153 members as of 1/6/21. We have many developers working on the server for EUP, Cars, In-game jobs, etc. We here at CSRP are trying to create something new and unique for FiveM.  If you would like to join us on our journey, feel free to join as just a civilian, or join one of our Departments which include Connecticut State Police, Connecticut Fire and Rescue more departments to be added in the future! Wanna be your own boss instead? You have the ability to be a real estate agent, miner, trucker, car salesman, mechanic shop, and more! Start your own business and add to the community! Sell drugs on the corner, steal cars for the chop shop, hack into ATMs, or race your heart out on the streets. The possibilities are endless here.

What we offer:

What we have to offer: A Custom Server with ESX, custom vehicles for departments including a Custom EUP, and custom cars that you can buy in-game! We also Offer Many more opportunities within the community as well. We have a full-fledged Dev team working as much as they can day in and day out! The friendly staff is always just a ping away ready to answer any questions you may have.

We also have:
Connecticut State Police - Open
Connecticut Fire and Rescue - Open
Staff - Open

Community Chain Of Command:

Community Manager
IA Commissioner

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