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So who are we and why should you join us?

We are the Horizon Network, established back in March of this Year. Our community has been based upon the principles of professionalism and realism since our launch. Horizon Network has been whitelisted since March on FiveM, and is based on the State of New York. Our community relies heavily upon community interaction, but our strong community has never failed us. From custom made vehicles, to custom scripts and buildings, our community has it all. We never fall short of our expectations and remain consistent in our goal of providing entertainment to our members.

Our community is controller supported, playing with your controller is a simple plug n’ play.
Our server is optimized for high performance, reducing connection and in game lag.
Our development team works on our exclusive framework, ensuring functionality and custom-coded concepts from the get go.
Our uptime is 24/7, if any expected downtime is imminent, our members are notified. 

Our mission is done over a large group of individuals who make our aspirations possible. Our community members are essential in progressing and becoming what we wish to be. Our community is made for YOU, not us. We strive for respect and long lasting roleplay as it is our primary belief that this form of roleplay is beneficial for everyone involved directly or indirectly.

Here at Horizon Network, our Administration Team will always try our best to provide a welcoming community to any new member that decides to apply for membership, ensuring everyone is brought together under the same underlying principles.

Professionalism, Creativity, Innovation
These three terms have been engraved into our community throughout the months since our launch. Our community strives to achieve this important motto through their roleplay and out of roleplay actions.

We do not permit misconduct in accordance with our procedures and documents. We do not believe in making rules for the sake of rules, but rules are only established if a certain concept is problematic. The quality of our roleplay will always be our primary focus. It is a core belief that if the roleplay is not good, then how can anything else be good?

Our amazing roleplay drives us to progress in terms of development and new features. We want everyone to live out their roleplay characters to the limit, to simply enjoy oneself. Our members always take priority, any issues or problems, they will always have a helpful Administration to speak to.

- Immersive and realistic roleplay.
- TOKOVOIP based, excellent voice chat.
- Controller supported network, a list of key bindings and procedures for all our controller users.
- Custom framework featuring unique scripts and effective development.
- A large media team streaming and recording on our server frequently.
- Superb Non-ELS & ELS emergency fleets designed for realism and reliability.
- Custom MLO Interiors purchased from developers for an advanced roleplay experience.
- Exclusive EUP featuring custom emergency clothing, civilian clothing and accessories.
- Multiple law enforcement and miscellaneous departments with lots of realistic divisions featuring many members. 
- Advanced training program for incoming applicants into the Horizon Network.

Here at Horizon Network, our members and Administration believe that departments are an essential part to our immersive and expansive roleplay. Our departments have allowed us to form into what we are today. Ranging from the State Police, to the Fire Department, our departments are both realistic and logical in the State of New York.

All of our police department members go through effective training that teaches our officers the correct methods of patrol and conduct, aiming to reduce crime to make the public safe.

The New York State Civilian Operations is our largest department in the Horizon Network. The department consists of all our Civilians who are given membership to connect to the FiveM server. Under extensive review in their application and interview phase, our Civilians always adhere to our required procedures and rules that ensure our roleplay is both immersive and realistic.
The New York State Police is our largest municipal law enforcement department in the Horizon Network. Featuring a range of vehicles and divisions, our Troopers patrol the highways and streets efficiently, responding to calls to help, seeking to maintain law and order under the jurisdiction of the state.
The New York Police Department is our city patrol and is the primary law enforcement agency on the Horizon Network. The NYPD is the oldest law enforcement department in the State of New York. Accustomed to the city, the NYPD features many divisions that allow different patrols in different circumstances and terrain.
The Nassau County Police Department is our county patrol, typically residing in Nassau County and similar areas. The department covers over 287 square miles of land in efforts to reduce crime in both high and low population areas. The police department is tasked with eliminating crime, gathering intelligence and identifying the culprits of petty and serious crime.
The Fire Department of New York is the official fire department of New York under the government of New York City providing both medical services, fire protection and technical rescue services across the State.

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