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Rango333 Random Server
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Versión 3.3.5a
Tipo Crossfaction Medium Rates No Custom Transmogrifier
Central African Republic
Ultima Actualización29 Jan 2020
Fecha de Ingreso29 Jan 2020




When we were thinking about this project, we wanted some combination of typical blizzlike server and fast leveling server with typical fun elements. And here we are. We would like to introduce you our new server named Progress-wow!


At the very start of your game, you can buy some heirloom items for free, so you can always be fully armed against your foes. You can buy them from Start Vendor. He can also teach you all possible weapons for your class.


Another helpful feature is our server teleporter. He can teleport you almost everywhere you need. You can find there usefull teleports to main cities, questing areas (like ghostlands, barrens, outland, northrend, etc.), dungeons and raids.


We were also thinking about making proffesions quiet easier and we made for you vendors with materials. Those materials cost gold, so you can still choose wheter it's worth to buy, or if it's better to craft it by proffesion. You can find these special trainers and vendors in Dalaran, which is also main base of this server. You can't find them in capital cities like Orgrimmar or Stormwind, because we didn't want to change the original map at all.


There are absolutely no custom items. Loot from bosses is just like it was in original wotlk game. The only custom feature on our server is transmogrify for event marks.


We all know the pain that we suffer from farming Emblems of Frost, so we changed weekly quests to daily and made acceptable all of them! Another interesting feature is reseting your raid & dungeons ID. You just need to type .i u all in chat and you have it. Daily quests and reseting your ID are practically the only "FUN SERVER" elements that make gearing up faster. Everything else is just like in original game.


Who wants to level his character for weeks? Yeah, nobody. Literally nobody. That is why we set all rates for XP, reputation, proffesion, gold and skills to 15x. We believe that everybody is tired of leveling so you will probably welcome this.


Server is 100% F2P and we will NEVER EVER sell any items or advantages for real money.

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