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Versión 3.3.5a
Tipo Arenas Battlegrounds BG Rating Bounty Hunter No Bugs Crossfaction Friendly Staff Instant 80 Max Level 80 Transmogrifier
Ultima Actualización18 Oct 2019
Fecha de Ingreso30 Sep 2019


Untamed WoW - Instant 80 Level PVP /PVE Server

What is Untamed WoW?
- Untamed WoW is small community with few dedicated developers that work on our favorite expansion - Wrath of the Lich King.
- Our goal is to make something unique, that will provide solid PvE and PvP experience while having fun in every other aspect of the game, without breaking core in-game rules.

Features that we have enabled so far
- Some of them, for example, Titles were in the game before, and we decided to bring them back, to make PvP a bit more interesting. We have custom PVP Zone, where players obtain Titles killing other players in that zone.
- We also have custom currency Event & Donation Tokens which are obtainable in game (Battleground, Arenas).
- Arena 3v3 SoloQueue System with Solo Ratings.
- You can check full list with more information bellow.
- Instant 80 Level, starting with S7 Set.
- Start with All your Class Weapon skills, Riding, spells learned.
- Daily / Weekly Quests.
- Resilience / Spell Pen / Armor Pen - Working.
- Working Charge / Pet Pathing.
- In-Game Currency.
- CrossFaction Battlegrounds System
- Easy to use Npcs (Multi Vendors)
- Teleport Book added in Bag on character creation.
- Solo Queue 3v3 Arena System.
- Arena Spectator ( Spectate by bracket, or player name).
- Custom PvP Area ( 24/7 - With Announcer in zone )
- Gurubashi PvP Event Every Hour With Chest Spawn Announcement.
- Arena Anti-Draw Dementia.
- Killstreak System & Announcer.
- Binary Resistances.
- Mall, VIP, Donations, Duel Zones.
- Auto CD resetting in Duel Zone.
- PQR Lua Blocker
- Custom Events
- And much much more.

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