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Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Tipo Normal No Sync Mods Rocket Survival Dedicated Third Person Voterewards Need Staff Fun
Ultima Actualización08 Feb 2021
Fecha de Ingreso31 Jan 2021

Servidor Información

This is a [Semi-Vanilla] server, ran by a degenerate Halo fan.
For questions, you can join our Discord server.

PvP and GPS enabled.

Mods that are present:
- Catgirl Hoods (Craftable)
- Thigh Highs (Craftable/spawns)
- 10 Halo Weapons (Rare spawns)
- 2 Halo Outfits (Rare spawns)
- 2 Halo vehicles (Rare to INSANELY rare spawn)
- Double Trouble (Rare spawns/railgun)
- Better farming (PvE utility)
- Larger Lockers (Craftable)
- Larger Backpacks (Craftable)
- Wind Cars 2.0 (Cars and customization)
- Drugs and Alcohol (Grow and brew)
- Home, TPA, VERY basic kits (uEssentials)
- Vote Rewards (use /reward if already voted here)
- Discord server (For finding squadmates and contacting staff)