Mondains Return

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Rango68 Random Server
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Versión Time of Legends Stygian Abyss
Tipo Pvm Pvp Rpg
United States
Ultima Actualización04 Aug 2020
Fecha de Ingreso13 Jul 2020


In a world where the legendary Mondain has returned. With enhanced client support and player-staff interaction to enhance the gameplay experience. With all original maps you have come to love, we welcome you to Ultima Online Mondains Return.

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Change Logs
28 Jul 2020

Hello, I am Boomer from Ultima Online The Return Of Mondain, this is a new shard just opened a week ago and looking to make this the perfect shard for all players alike.

We are using all the original maps and systems, with a few addons and bringing back the storyline as Mondain has found a way to return and rain hell down upon the lands.

We have a small donation store but we will not sell any pay to win items everything can be found in-game we have GMs from 6 am to 10 pm Monday-Sunday and run storyline events every Saturday.

We are still new as a shard so we are looking for ideas and suggestions that will make this shard your own the way you want to play.

We are here for you the player help us bring to life a world of Ultima the way it should be.

04 Aug 2020

We will no longer have the donation store all items will be available in-game if you do wish to help the server out we do have a Patreon page.. But all in-game items will be available in the game by events or drops, we want this server to be as fair as possible for you the player.

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