Wintermeyer Reborn

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Rango32 Random Server
Sitio Web Sitio Web
Discord Discord 45
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Versión Trials of Obi Wan
Tipo Nge
United States
Ultima Actualización05 Aug 2020
Fecha de Ingreso04 Apr 2020


We are a new NGE SWG Server we have working space,and GCW to get started just head to our discord server can also check us out on our website at

We do DBL xp events every weekend also have active staff members that are always willing to help new players get started 

We allow up to 5 players on per acount at the same time 

We allow dual logging 

We also use the rare loot system 


Change Logs
19 Jun 2020

We now have our very own Launcher also doing a dbl xp event tell sunday :)

Looking for people to help make this server better

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