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Sitio Web
Discord Discord
Versión 3.3.5a
Tipo Roleplay Trinity Medium Rates Events Friendly Staff
Ubicación Netherlands
Ultima Actualización03 Jul 2022
Fecha de Ingreso03 Jul 2022


Cylonaz was founded in 2012 and a lot has changed, we moved from bedroom host in to big boy servers.

Servers has been on and off multiple times during these years. Bedroom hosting phase was pure suffering. Hosting from the same PC which I used as a primary gaming PC was a terrible idea. Thats why we faced multiple problems from time to time untill server files corrupted and I gave up on Cylonaz for nearly a decade.

During that time I spent my time playing retail & Classic WoW, Old School Runescape and doing lots of different software developing and game developing projects by myself.

I recently bought a new server and wanted to revive Cylonaz. I builded our server on TrinityCore which is imo the best emulator for a private server.

This will be a long process to polish up the server that it has everything I want for a perfect Roleplaying immersion.

I hope that you join the journey and I will see you in Azeroth!