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Discord Discord
Versión 3.3.5a
Tipo Battlegrounds Custom Custom Events Instant 80 PVP No Donate
Ultima Actualización10 Apr 2021
Fecha de Ingreso28 Mar 2021


Chaos Crusade and Remnants of Chaos were a unique gaming experience that hasn't been recreated in years. A completely unique progression system that hasn't since been seen.

I've been hunting down remakes of this server for years now and nobody has provided a satisfactory remake. For around a year, I've been working on exactly that. I'm a software developer in real life and figured if someone else could do it, so could I. It's been a long journey with ups and downs, but we're here. The community is especially helpful and I appreciate the dedication from the community that's been forged.

I'm here to announce that we have a candidate build for launch day on our beta! We are at a feature-complete stage with many improvements to QoL, many bugs fixed, and a complete character wipe.

I do not plan on another wipe! Please, join in the fun & get your character ready for launch day!

Register at:

All announcements and updates will be posted to our discord:

Some keystones of the project:

  • No pay-to-win, ever. Donations will hopefully never be needed.
  • A community-first approach - major designs & updates will be polled on the Discord
  • Multiboxers will be banned
  • Good gameplay. Period!

If you played on the above servers back in the day, a lot of this will be familiar. But to anyone new, here's a quick run-down:

  • 24/7 Alterac Valley PvP! - talk to Opti in the mall to teleport into action.
  • Start in Savage gear and work your way up. Kill players, kill bosses, and capture bases for money! The grind is equal to the play!
  • Custom profession & perk NPCs, many multivendors, beastmasters, etc. QoL we did not have back in the day.
  • Kill players for gold (1g, assists give less)
  • Killstreaks give more gold!
  • Tenacity is implemented blizz-like to offset faction balance
  • Bonus 25 silver per stack of tenacity on kill - this is to ensure that even if factions are unbalanced, the smaller side can still make meaningful progression
  • Capture bases for faction-wide gold
  • Kill Drek/Vann at the caves in either end for faction-wide gold & chance at number of different mounts
  • Earn original vanilla titles by gaining more HK's
  • Do dailies and weeklies to earn bonus gold or extra tokens for max-tier gear
  • Current progression is up to 245. More will be released over time.
  • We already have a small core community from the original servers (you may see some familiar names around!) and we're ready to bring on more people and stress the server out a bit.

Features introduced for QoL:

  • Multivendors
  • Profession simplification
  • Snowfall GY rework - becomes a way to parachute behind enemy lines


  • Transmog
  • Wrathful/ICC tier gear progression path

Play now at:

3.3.5a clients.

Join our Discord:

The server is located in North America. My VPS is an 8 core 16GB server, the highest available option from my source before it becomes dedicated.

Feel free to message me, Impart#6444, if you have any questions or would like to participate in the server. Over the coming week I'll have my entire focus on marketing - if you are or know an artist interested in some work (yes, I will pay you), reach out!

This server has a very personal meaning for me because as many others i played ROC and CC back in the Wotlk days, the only good Alterac valley servers that ever existed.I am pretty sure this server will skyrocket because its unique. You get rewards for killing another player in Alterac valley so you can get top tier gear. It also had unique quests as to kill the function leader of the enemy faction and cap the opposite camps so the pvp never ends.Its very difficult to get the top tier items right now so when you hop in there will be competition at the same lvl as you. The rates are instant lvl 80 so you can just log in, dress your char with the free savage gear and be ready for unlimited pvp! Many new things coming soon like the transmog gear!