Frozen Online SRO

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Tipo Cap 120 D13 PVE PVP Long Term OPEN MARKET New System New Skills New Avatars
Ubicación France
Ultima Actualización02 May 2023
Fecha de Ingreso02 May 2023


❄Frozen online ❄New systems ❄Cap 120 ❄DG 13 ❄CH- EU ❄Mastery 480/240 ❄New Skills ❄Coin/Silk/Gold system, free silk per hour (5 per hour) ❄PVE/PVP long term system ❄open market( Black Market), you can play and earn money in same time ❄Custom Events and new events ❄Hwid IP: 4 ❄Rates:Medium rates ❄Snow Prison System ❄Awaken System ❄Special upgrade system ❄Max Plus: 15 (upgrading) ❄Roc Room / Medusa / Job Temple / Academy System ❄Max Plus: 15 (upgrading) ❄Offical Version