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Sitio Web
Tipo Cap 110 Auto Events Coins System CTF D11 Daily Events Freetoplay High Rate
Ubicación Germany
Ultima Actualización17 Sep 2021
Fecha de Ingreso20 Aug 2021


SERVER RATES MASTERY : 330CHN-220EU EXP/SP RATE : Highrate EXP PARTY RATE : Highrate ITEM/DROP : Highrate GOLD/DROP : Highrate Server Capacity: 1000 Slots Server Traffic Stat: Easy Server Purpose: PvP/Coins/FW Server Cap: 110 Server Degree: 11 Server Race: European & Chinese Alchemy: 1.5x Fortress war: HT Battle Arena Random (Flag/Score): Enabled Capture the Flag: Enabled Roc Entrance: Enabled Mastery: 110 Regions:JG/DW/HT/ALEX/SAMARKAND/CONSTANTINOPLE Alchemy:Opened Max Plus : 27 With Out Adv New Avatars:#Added FGW : Disabled Daily Events : Yes Coin system : Yes Max Plus : 21 With Out Adv IP Limit : 10