Midgard 2x US Main

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Sitio Web MidgardRust.com
Discord Discord
Tipo 2x Custom Maps Custom Plugins Events Biweekly Wipes Bp Wipe 50 upkeep
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización17 Nov 2022
Fecha de Ingreso22 Oct 2022


Midgard 2x US Main

MidgardRust 2x - 50% Upkeep - Noob Friendly

IP Connect: Connect
Discord: https://discord.gg/midgardrust

No P2W kits
Friendly active nonplaying admins
Bi-Weekly Map Wipes
Monthly BP Wipes
Players get to vote on the map for the next wipe

==== Server Info ====

- 2x on everything
- 1.25x Sulfur
- Caboose BLACKJACK added to Outpost
- Rust+ Raid Alarm (get notified when a wall or door is destroyed)
- 50% UpKeep
- Minis and Boats spawn on the map
- Added recyclers to Oil, Cargo, Dome, fishing villages, and ranches
- Added Drone system to ALL safe zones
- Dangerous Treasures event (Kill 2 scientists and defend a juiced loot box from others)
- Low Flyer Event (purchase a SMOKE ROCKET from the outpost and shoot down the low flyer plane and claim 3 airdrops and 3 heli crates)

New server! Additionally, looking to launch a Solo Only, Solo/Duo, and a Quad server in the near future.