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Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Tipo 5x Events Friendly Community Backpacks Kits No Decay Voting Rewards Anti Cheat Custom Maps PVE
United States
Ultima Actualización22 Mar 2021
Fecha de Ingreso17 Feb 2021


5x Resources, Zombies, Loot+, Boosters, No Decay and Survival. Experience everything this awesome game has to offer! This server is custom modded and a fun time that offers a custom experience full of the best mods and plugins available.

● No threats, toxicity, doxing, bullying
● No racism, advertising or controversy
● DO NOT post offensive signs or paintings
● Base builds should be no higher than 10 floors
● DO NOT block passage to any area of the map (other than base).
● DO NOT hoard the Helicopter, Bradley or monument loot.
● Any TWIG is allowed to be destroyed -do not leave your base twig!

● Full inventory shop and reward system.
● No Decay and No upkeep.
● Active admins and fun community.

Stuff we have:
● Fully functional rewards system.
● Fully functional shop to spend your hard earned money.
● Quarries (stone,ore,high res) and Pumpjacks (oil) for difficult resources.
● Quarry and Pumpjack LOCKING so you wont be looted.

● Jpipe integration for automation and sorting.
● Community areas for additional loot and abilities.
● Trade money or resources with other players.
● Sign Artist : Post Internet web pics on signs.
● Teleport to placed bed or bag.
● Quick sorting