Ethereal RSPS - GIM

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Sitio Web
Discord Discord
Versión Osrs
Tipo Economy Custom Daily Rewards Gambling Group Ironman
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización21 Dec 2022
Fecha de Ingreso18 May 2022


Ethereal RSPS - GIM

We are a new OSRS server that strives to bring balanced, unique content that seamlessly goes along with the known OSRS content.



Feel free to type ::refer and then TopG once you get ingame for some free goodies!

We host a lot of OSRS content with plans to bring a lot of unique, custom content to differentiate ourselves from other servers.

- Fully functional RuneLite client - 117 HD, with plans for hiscores and trading post integration 
- Different XP modes - Choose between Regular (50x combat and skilling XP) - and Veteran (10x combat and skilling XP, with increased double drop rate and a title) to fit your playstyle
- Custom tutorial - to get the player acquainted with Ethereal-specific content!
- All skills working - including full POH, rooftop agility, and planned post-level 99 content
- Daily tournaments - get your PKing fix; no requirements needed!
- Dozens of bosses - including unique ones such as our Runebound behemoth and Chronozon bosses
- Custom content - aims to be integrated with OSRS content - nothing too overpowered
- Custom achievements - Each giving fun, unique rewards
- Several minigames - Wintertodt, birdhouses, ZMI altar, etc. to provide alternative ways for skilling
- Recipe and perk system - to provide item/gold sinks for nicer equipment and passive benefits respectively
- Slayer superior monsters - with unique drops
- and much more!