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Versión 718 5 XP MODES PRE EOC
Tipo Economy Ironman Game Modes 40 Bosses All Skills Cannon Custom Minigames Weekend Events Gambling Constant Updates
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización01 Nov 2022
Fecha de Ingreso19 Apr 2022



Exoria Home: http://exoriarsps.org/

Exoria Play/Download: http://exoriarsps.org/download/

Exoria Discord: https://discord.gg/XA4QNECP3t

Exoria is a Pre-EOC 718 Economy server, meant to capture the best times of RS around 2011.
Super close community and staff members. You won't regret joining.
Tons of bosses, minigames, and all skills. Give us a try.

 - - - FEATURES - - -

5 XP modes (100x, 50x (2% dr), 25x (3% dr), 10x (5% dr), 5x (8% dr) - increased drop rate bonuses the lower the XP rate
2 Game Modes (Economy, Ironman)
Skill of the day (random skill gets 50% bonus xp, changes every day)
Max cape, Comp cape, and Comp cape (t) - with requirements
Clean, Convinient, and easy to use interfaces.
Good starter pack
Training amulet (wear it while you train your combat skills, and it upgrades your gear automatically)
Player Owned Shops
Daily Login Rewards
Dicing / Flowers
Vote rewards (from a player: The vote rewards are actually worth it unlike a ton of other servers)
Discord integration (link account, more features coming)
100% Multi-Cannon (with remote refill for Extreme Donors)
ESC to close interfaces
Working Summoning
Change armor looks from Classic to New depending on preference
Gear presets in bank, switch your loadouts with one click, and save them with 1 click.
All skills trainable
Double xp every weekend, sometimes even 4X xp
Custom bosses exclusive to Exoria (Char, Pest Queen, etc)
Working aura's with effects
Dungeoneering w/ rewards
Pest Control w/ rewards
Gun Game minigame (Like the call of duty gun game, but on RS ) Exoria EXCLUSIVE!
Tasteful customs (Hells fury, Heavens fury, scarlet ss, etc)
Donator zone (https://exoria-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Donator_Benefits)
Slayer Helmets w/ working bonuses on Tasks
Teleport directly to your slayer task, beautifully streamlined Slayer training.
Boss Slayer tasks
Rare drop announcements ingame and in Discord
FLASKS, they're beautiful (player said this too lol)
and much, much more.

Change Logs
25 Apr 2022

Changed rate of random event thieving from 1/300 to 1/600
All Godwars bosses have had a drop table revamp



26 Apr 2022
- Ironman can use shops now
- Ironman donors can ::bank/::b
- Added more voting sites, each one is 1x reward
- Drop revamp for:
barrelchest, frost dragons, glacors, tds, gano beasts, bork, kbd
27 Apr 2022

1.. Npc right click options (Ex: Slayer master get task) DONE
2. Add a Slayer master near the VIP portal at dz DONE
3. Add living rock caverns to the skilling teleport DONE
8. Add all shops from home, to dz DONE
9. Remove potato seeds from the shop as nobody uses them DONE
20. Make the spec pool at dz restore health/prayer as well DONE
21. Add aquanites/green & blue dragons to VIP slayerv DONE

helpful for new players who want to join

drop updates for:
all slayer tower npcs with added dark beasts
ice strykeworms

right click slayer npc (get-task) gives new task instantly with no dialogue



29 Apr 2022

superheat spell counts towards the comp cape's bars smelted requirement

global welcome message for new players

Wildywyrm kills count for the comp req

wildywyrm drops

spec table at dz cures poison

bonecrusher gives altar xp and counts towards comp

adv. gnome agility now req. level 80, more xp, counts towards comp

need enough free inventory to claim votes now (prevents ppl from claiming 5 with 2 spaces)

::vote/::donate to quickly open links

::checkstats (username) to see someone else's levels

18 Jun 2022

• Shift-Click while bank interface is open in your inventory, will automatically choose "Deposit-All" as the left click option.

• Shift-Click while bank interface is open in your bank, will automatically choose "Withdraw-X" as the left click option.

• Alt-Click while bank interface is open in your bank, will automatically choose "Withdraw-All" as the left click option.

• Fixed equipment, items lost on death, and toolbelt buttons bugging out.

• Comp Cape(t) requirement viewer and logic for claiming/equipping completely rewritten.

• Cannon decay timer set to 30 minutes.

• When a cannon decays, it will now drop all components, and however many cannonballs were left in it in the spot it decayed in.
It will become visible to other players after 3 minutes.

• Fixed PKP shop not showing when trying to open it from the PKP NPC.

• Fixed items not being picked up if you had a full invetory, even though you already had some in your inventory and could stack them.

• Re-wrote the potion decanter again. By default, all potions will be returned to you in flask form. [READ] YOU MUST NOTE EVERY POTION YOU CAN FOR THE DECANTER TO ACCEPT THEM.

• Changed Ruby bolt (e) spec cap on nex from 500 to 1000.

19 Jun 2022

• Fixed comp cape (t) req showing 5000 Fally guards to steal from instead of 1000.

• Fixed comp capt (t) req showing 2500 fish caught instead of 25000.

• Added all variants of slayer helms to work for damage and accuracy bonus.

• Fixed slayer rewards interface now working with Duradel.

• Even more decanter changes to make it stop allowing decants when you didn't have enough to begin with.

21 Jun 2022

• Revamped starter kit

- Amulet of Torture, Necklace of Anguish added, and both drop from Tormented Demons.

- Avernic Defender added, and drops from Corp.

- Dextrous & Arcane prayer scroll added, and drops from Nex (yes, this means you have lost those 2 prayers until you obtain these).

• Re-balanced Zaryte Bow, Dominion Crossbow, Chaotic Crossbow, Rune Crossbow, Hells Fury, Dominion Sword, Chaotic Rapier
- All changes are now visible in the equipment inspector.

• Re-balanced drop table for Barrelchest.

• Re-balanced drop table for Corporeal Beast.

• Re-balanced drop table for Nex.

• Added a teleport option to all slayer helmets to teleport you directly to your slayer task.

• Added "Tele-to-task" to slayer master, this is the method for teleporting to your slayer task as someone without a slayer helm.

• Removed minion spawns from Sara, and Zammy.

26 Jun 2022


• New player manager interface.

• New ring imbuer interface.

• New pest rewards interface.

• New Dungeoneering rewards interface.

• New slayer interface(s).

• New Control Panel interface.

• New "Welcome" interface

• New Farming patch interface

• Removed "Trade", "Get-task", and "Rewards" from all slayer masters.

• Fixed ::staff from showing everyone.

• Cannons can no longer be placed at tormented demons.

27 Jun 2022

• New teleports interface

• New Ironman shops interface

• Wyvern bones can now be used on altars.
• Extreme potions can now be used in the wilderness.
• Fixed new items being noted to wrong items.
• Added Tz-kal Slayer Helmet
- Requires 90 Slayer and Completion of the Fight Kiln.
- HOW TO OBTAIN: First, purchase the Tz-kal Swap Certificate from the Slayer Rewards shop, then USE IT ON AN UNCOLORED SLAYER HELM (THIS IS THE ONE FOR 400 POINTS IN THE SHOP). It will then consume that item, and give you the Tz-kal Slayer Helm.

30 Jun 2022

• Tz-kal Slayer Helmet now fully works as a slayer helm, as in the damage & accuracy buff, teleporting to task, and checking kills remaining.

• XP drops now continue past 200m xp.

• Added "Training" submenu to teleport menu under "Monsters".

• Added fully working DFS. Charging, uncharging, special attack. (only tradeable as uncharged). Different stats on uncharged version and charged version.

• Added Spectral Sprit Shield crafting.

01 Jul 2022

Master farmer with all kinds of seeds.
Increased chance of 2x, 3x, and 4x loot with higher thieving & agility levels

Master farmer at vipzone next to bank

Added prayer potions to General store for 10k each

added renewal, prayer pot, and dragon scimmy to dung start (useful for irons who cant pick stuff up)

Fixed tz-kal making not working on certain slayer helm

Added stats to tz-kal slayer helm

Added stats and bonuses to Scarlet spirit shield. Works same as divine, but it absorbs 5% more damage than divine. also has +1 above every bonus than divine. Best SS.

23 Jul 2022

Ironman shop added to DZ

Iron shop added with all runes

Primal boots added to rusty store for 10coins

Vote mbox from 100 to 50 tix

added 50 dragon bones and another lamp to starter

• Guam cleaning level has been changed from 3 to 1, so people can do herb without doing the quest.

• Fixed a bug with crafting arcane spirit shields.

• Added a 30 second expiry warning to Overloads.

• Fixed overloads being able to be sipped while a current overload effect is still active.

• Cannon placement has been limited.

• Cannon reclaim fee has been reduced to 10m.

• All bolt special attacks have been increased from 10% chance of occurrence, to 20%.

• Nex's death attack ("TASTE MY WRATH")'s possible damage has been decreased from 600 to 400.

• Fixed a bug with Nex allowing multiple minions to spawn under each other. If you encounter this problem, simply teleport out and go back in.

• Nex will wait 20 seconds AFTER every player has left the room before healing back to full health. This should aid solo players.

• Corp's respawn time has been decreased from 90 seconds, to 30 seconds.

• Corp will wait 20 seconds AFTER every player has left the room before healing back to full health. This should aid solo players.

• Tormented Demons have been redesigned by popular demand and this was supported in the sense of how Demonic Gorillas work in OSRS;
- Completely removed the damage shield mechanic.
- You are now only responsible for gear switching, and prayer switching.
- Drop table has been revamped to make them more desirable and rewarding.