HellGate Wars x4

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Sitio Web hellgatewars.ru
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Tipo Low Rate
Ubicación Russia
Ultima Actualización04 Mar 2023
Fecha de Ingreso04 Mar 2023


HellGate Wars x4 Revolution​ 11.03.2023
Experience x4
The maximum level is 55 (First Build) with subsequent updates and exits at 55+
Game version 4.15
HellProtect client protection is clickable
Interracial auction for CS

Character auction (players will be able to sell their characters without transferring access to the account, thereby conducting 100% secure barter without intermediaries) - the purchased character appears on your personal account (Beta)

Daily calendar of awards, premium service allows you to pick up x2
Premium service can be obtained without donating, we did not take away this opportunity from the players despite the low rate, for this you need to vote on MMOTOP

The basic position of the low-rate x4​
The classic version of the 4.15 version of the world, however, what did not work now works. What was not fully implemented has been implemented.
The main line of quests has been preserved with the replacement of conditions and rewards for a comfortable game and an understanding of the rewards for their fulfillment. Additional quests have been redesigned, daily quests with different frequency and variations of execution with sane rewards have been added. A fundamental change is the loss of items from monsters in strength and purpose. That is, a valuable item can fall from any monster and is specific according to the description.
For convenience, the ammunition system has been simplified.
MAU is implemented as a Support class that fits into the balance without breaking it in view of a certain power and price policy of repair. It has 2 options for conducting combat: spot shots and mass. The strength of the MAU now depends on the sharpening of armor and weapons, jewelry, has a visual effect of sharpening the machine (when on. animations). it works with purchased MAU Generators (One for defensive functions and the other for attacking ones). The experience in the car is disabled.
Many mechanics have been improved through technical solutions, as well as modular ones, some of which we will report further.

The server is international, focused on players with an emphasis on the classic style of the RFO game, but the modifications affect the comfort and logic of the game, but not the main line and its essence. Players should feel the same nostalgic component of the game and at the same time not run into a spoiled version that does not emphasize the classic version with modifications.

In honor of the opening of our first low rate, which we will certainly improve together with you, we are launching a massive gap (defender points) of events with a total budget of 2 million rubles in favor of the players. You can read more here