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Sitio Web
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Versión Season 6
Tipo 500x
Ubicación France
Ultima Actualización13 Feb 2023
Fecha de Ingreso13 Feb 2023


MuArena - MU To Remember!

MuArena Grand Opening 13.2.2023
Hello to all the arena players and welcome to the MuArena official opening !
After lots of work, we are proud to launch our project on 13.2.2023 at 5:00 pm.
The goal of the project is to create an international server that, above all, is Israel.
Server - MuOnline - Designed and custom designed to open our year 2023!

I am proud to present you my project
Please accept, The 2023 MuArena!

 Information About The Server!

 Season : 6 full
 Exp : 500
 Drop : 50%
 Reset : LvL 400
 MaxStats : 32767

* Commands!

/addstr - Allows to add multiple strength points.
/addagi - Allows to add multiple agility points.
/addvit - Allows to add multiple vitality points.
/addene - Allows to add multiple energy points.
/addcmd - Allows to add multiple command points.
/online - Allows to check current online count of players and Game Masters.
/pkclear - Allows to player to clear PK status.
/prop - Allows to propose a marry to other player.
/accept - Allows to accept marry proposal.
/teleport - Teleports yourself to your marriage partner.
/divorce - Allows to take divorce.
/reset - Allows player to perform reset of character.

 The Mu is worth logging in!!
 You will not be disappointed!!

                         =-=- Message Corner!!=-=-=-=
- Need Advertising Team / Staff Team!

Staff Of The Server=

 Owner : Afik
 GameMaster(GM) : Idan

 MuArena Official Discord!

 Our Discord :


Download Link:

Problems : If you see any lag or something that disturb you to play please contact with us.
Thanks ArenaMu Team.
Someone who finds a bug in the game and uses it badly and does not tell to someone in the crew will get a ban permanently from MuArena!!!!