Abyss MuOnline

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Sitio Web abyssmuonline.com
Discord Discord
Versión S9
Tipo EXP 99999x
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización27 Jun 2022
Fecha de Ingreso25 Apr 2022


Abyss MuOnline - Season 9
Open 6/22/22

Server Information:

Abyss MU is high-rate server with max EXP rate (99999x). The version is Season 9. Each new player can enjoy easy leveling, thanks to the numerous spots in almost all maps. All 3 base characters get a free excellent Full Option starter set.

Server Settings:

- Version: Season 9
- EXP: 99999x
- Drop rate: 10%
- Maximum Level: 400
- Maximum Master Level: 330
- Total Max Level: 730
- Points per Level: Standard - 5/7
- Resets: 500 Stat Points/Reset