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Sitio Web Sitio Web
Versión Season 6
Tipo 400x Balanced Pvp No Donate No WebShop Professional
Ultima Actualización10 Oct 2021
Fecha de Ingreso10 Oct 2021


The land of Warius was once one of the most peaceful lands in which there was no question of dangers. People lived like in paradise, they didn't complain about anything, they were just happy.

However, one day an unexpected earthquake struck that caused great panic among the inhabitants. They had something to fear, any day now strange monsters began to emerge from the core of the earth, which caused a plague throughout the land.

Since then in the land of Warius it is not like it used to be, people commit suicide, die of the plague, but the Lord of the Land believes that one day the Great Guard will come to help him and his people fight the terrible plague and stop all evil!.

Are you a brave warrior and will you be up to this challenge?

If so, join the people of Warius and restore the land to the state it was in before the great earthquake.

Warius MU is a project that aims to gain satisfaction and recognition among players. We have been developing the server for several months. We focus primarily on quality, not profit. Our professional team spent several months with great commitment to improving the server. Our aim is to refer to the old days when there weren't many cartoon items of the 21st century. We will show you something wonderful that used to be, just normal MU-Online. It all depends mainly on you, you are building this server, but we will do everything in our power to provide you with what you expect.


We invite you to open the medium x400 server.

The start of the server is scheduled for 16/10/2021.

Test Exp: 5000x

We invite you to register and familiarize yourself with the server (for testing - when starting RR ACC).




Web-page: http://wariusmu.online

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com




Nazwa: Warius MU
Wersja: Season 6 EP 3 Classic

Time work : 24/7
 Dedicated server : YES
 Premium files : YES

Anti Hack : YES 
 Balanced characters : YES
 : YES

Exp : 400x

 Master Exp : 50x

Drop: 40%

VIP: OFF !!!
 Webshop: OFF !!!
 CashShop: YES !!! (simplified)

HP Mobów: 100%
Bless Bug: NO
Zen (party) Bug: NO
Potion Bug: NO
Shadow Bug: NO
Reset Level: 400
Reset limiter: 100

The Statistics Are Canceled !!!!

Points for each reset :

BK/DW/ELF/SUM/MG/RF : 500 Points

DL : 550 Points

Cost for each Reset : 2,500,000 
Grand Reset: YES

Grand Reset : Unlimited

BM/GM/HI/SUM/MG/RF : 1000 Points 

DL : 1100 Point

Cost for each Grand Reset : 1,000,000,000

Maximum statistics : 32767
 Maximum statistics CMD : 32767
 Item max :

- 2 item exe opt.

- Socket item armor 3 slot
Max. item level: +15+28
Gildia : 300 Level
Magic Gladiator/Dark Lord/ Fist Master : 250 lvl
Jewele in the store: NO

Spoty: YES

 Spots: 5 mobs (Hot 6 Mobs).Example: Low maps have 5 mobs on spots, high maps have 6 mobs on spots.

 Elf Buf f: Up to level 300 

Helper : 80 (Level Req)

Guild Alliance Max :  Maximum 2 guilds in an alliance.
 Maximum number of members in guild BM / DL 30. .

 OffStore local on the Loren Market map.

 Marry lvl : Normal 400

 Limited Connections : Maximum of 3 accounts on same IP/HWID.
Reset price : The table is on the website.

 Party Exp Gap : 80 Levels.

 Max Level to delete a Character : 300 lvl.

 MuOffHellper : Time for off-shelter lasts a maximum of 10 hours.

 AntiHack system : Our AntiHack system is one of the best on the market.
* Extremely passive, it does not bother with other games or programs.
* Not consume CPU/RAM or other PC resources.
* Without annoying splash and tray icons.
* Constantly updated, if you find any functional hack, you can report it.
* We have a team of programmers who constantly work on security.




Jewel of Bless- 100%

Jewel of Soul- 50%

Jewel of Life- 60%

Jewel of Harmony- 60%

Lower Refining Stone - 60%

Higher Refining Stone -60%




+10: 60 %
+11: 55 %
+12: 55 %
+13: 50 %
+14: 45 %

+15: 40 %

Wingi 1 lvl : 70%

Wingi 2 lvl : 60%

Wingi 3 lvl : 35%

Condor Feather : 35%

Piece of Horn: 60%
Broken Horn : 50%
Horn of Fenrir : 35%




Blood Castle
 Devil Square
 Chaos Castle
 Illusion Temple
 Imperial Fort
 White Wizard
 Golden Invasion
 Castle Siege
 Balgass Event
 Nightmare Event
 Hatchery Event
 Drop Event
 TvT Event
 Red Dragon
 Pouch of Blessing
 Fire Flame Ghost

King Of MU


Crywolf Event

 Bonus Event
 Golden Medusa
 Golden Selupan
 Golden Kundun Ilusion
 Golden Hell Main


 Startowy Ring 40lvl 

 Startowy Ring 80lvl 

 Heart of Love 

 Silver Medal 

 Gold Medal 

 Box of Luck 

 Box of Heaven 

 Box of Kundun +1 

 Box of Kundun +2 

 Box of Kundun +3 

 Box of Kundun +4 

 Box of Kundun +5 




"/move"(Move to a map)

"/post " (Post message)

"/addstr "(Add points in Str)

"/addagi " (Add points in Agi) 

"/addvit "(Add points in Vit)

"/addene "(Add points in Ene)   

"/addcmd "(Add points in Com)      

"/pkclear"(Clear PK)       

"/pack "(Pack jewels)    

"/unpack "(Unpack jewels)  

"/wh " (Change warehouse)  

"/reset" (Reset character)

"/mreset" (Master reseter)

"/remaster" (Readd Master Skill Tree)    

"/marry to "(Marry to a player)     

"/openware" (Open warehouse)     

"/lock " (Block Itens Move)

"/unlock "(Desbloc Itens Move)

"/store"(Open Custom Store)

"/offstore"(Open Custom Store Offline)


More information will be available on FB (facebook) soon. If you have any questions, write to us in the message on FB.

Warius MU Team