MUXCORE S16 9 April

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Sitio Web Sitio Web
Versión Season 16
Tipo x1000
Ultima Actualización09 May 2021
Fecha de Ingreso05 Apr 2021


We are pleased to announce the opening date of MUXCORE Season 16 x1000 server – 9 April!

Season 16 Part 1-2
Regular Exp: x1000 ~ x500 (Dynamic)
Master/Majestic Exp: x1000 (Static)
PPL: 5/7 (Standard), max. stats: 32000
ML points increased x2

Starter Gift: To receive gift from administration just create a character. Items will be added to your Inventory! You will receive Exp Seals, Scrolls and Pet for riding!

Added new Gun Crucher items (6th & 7th Mastery and etc). Weapons: Blue Eye Magic Gun, Silver Heart Magic Gun. Sets: Blue Eye, Silver Heart, Manticore. Wings: Blood Wings.

Reset Information

Dynamic reset system:
0-20 Resets: x1000 exp, 750 free stats
21-40 Resets: x900 exp, 700 free stats
41-60 Resets: x800 exp, 650 free stats
61-80 Resets: x700 exp, 600 free stats
81-100 Resets: x600 exp, 550 free stats
101-999 Resets: x500 exp, 500 free stats

Reset in game, type: /reset. From 400 level, 2kk Zen & Resets (max 200kk). Reward: 20 W Coins, 500 Ruud.

Grand Reset Information

From 100 Resets, on website, Resets and Stats burns.
Reward: 5000 W Coins.

Webshop: Off
Xshop: Buff, Pets, Seals, Jewels, Wings
Personal Store: Trade items with other players for W Coins
Offtrade: Trade items with other players being offline
OffExp: Free for everyone, 12h