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Discord Discord
Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Versión 1.8.x
Tipo Skywars Minigames pvp Cracked
Ubicación France
Ultima Actualización27 May 2023
Fecha de Ingreso26 May 2023


Welcome to our Minigames Minecraft server! Get ready for endless fun and adventure in the hypixel maps! 

Our server is designed to offer a variety of exciting and challenging minigames to keep you entertained for hours. We also allow hacking ! We are using WatchMouse (a WatchDog remake )!
You can play classic games like SkyWars, BedWars, or ect.... 

You can team up with friends or make new ones as you compete against each other in a wide range of minigames. 

Our server is also updated frequently with new games and features, ensuring that there's always something new to explore. With our friendly staff and a vast range of games to choose from, our Minigames Minecraft server is the perfect place to spend your free time.