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IP del Servidor
Sitio Web xpcraft.gg
Discord Discord
Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Versión 1.19.x
Tipo Skyblock
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización11 Feb 2023
Fecha de Ingreso07 Feb 2023




XPCraft is a server developed to bring back the original grind of Skyblock with a bit of a twist. We want to make a skyblock worth playing for an extended period of time and to really bring back to community engagement like the good old days. The team behind XPCraft is just 2 guys with a passion for minecraft, we were feed up with how other servers treated their community and were stingy on pricing. We decided that we had enough and something needed to be done. With a background in graphic design, and ethical hacking we teamed up to create what we believe is a genuinily fun and interesting take on skyblock. We truly do wish that you enjoy the server and we are always open to feedback within our discord as this server is built around and for a community of like minded individuals.