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Celestial Prison

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Tipo Op prison Payouts Paypal java Backpacks autominer
United States
Ultima Actualización05 Oct 2022
Fecha de Ingreso05 Oct 2022


Celestial Prison

          🚨 Celestial Prison **CRACKED**(150$ payouts) 🚨

🤑 | Payouts, 100$ will be paid to the best gang (the top will be paid for
rankups, which are like ranks/prestiges), and 50$ to the gang with the most mined blocks.
🏚️ | New spawn, every season needs a new design, so we have decided to have a space theme for this season.

⛏️ | Rankups, now we will have rankups instead of A-Z ranks and prestiges (the maximum rank is 400, remember... they are not made to be easy to reach the maximum rank, so it will be more competitive), use (/rankups) to see the whole rankups menu.
🧱 | Private mines for each user, instead of having A-Z and rankup mines, each user will have their own mine.
🎒 | Backpack, each user will have their own backpack in the inventory, all mined items will go to the backpack, and it will automatically sell items every 30 seconds, can be upgraded to increase capacity, sell in less seconds and add multiplier when selling
🍾 | New enchantments added, you will be able to see them with their description using right click on your pickaxe.
🤖 | Robots, these will generate tokens passively (even if you are offline)

⛏️ | Auto miners, you can buy auto miners in the store, you can give them your pickaxe to use your enchantments.
🚨 | Beacons, a currency that can be purchased from keys (included in the vote key) to upgrade bots, purchase enchantments or bots (/beacons).
❓ | For more information, use (/help).



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