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Estatus Unknown
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Versión 1.17.1 1.19.2
Tipo Survival Economy rank Crossplay pvp Skyblock
Ubicación India
Ultima Actualización26 Dec 2022
Fecha de Ingreso22 Sep 2022


TwinHorns Survival Server is a part of TwinHorns Minecraft network made by LuciferVerma. TwinHorns Survival Server offers many Great features like economy based smp, custom Shops which are based custom villager trades, custom ui, waypoints, auction and many more other features. Now let's talk about how server actually works so server is based factions, but without faction add-ons, it's more like a role-play, You can create clan and fight with other clans, invade others territory.

Welcome to TwinHorns Network.

TwinHorns Network was Founded by LuciferVerma in 2021.

As of now we offer SkyBlock and Surv gamemode.

SkyBlock server offers may great features like economy, custom crates, custom islands, in-game ranks, friends system, custom tags, custom world and much more...

Survival server offers also many great features some of the same features as SkyBlock (economy, custom crates, custom islands, in-game ranks) land claim, lifesteal system, personal warps, PvP arena and much more..

Hop on now and enjoy.

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