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Versión 1.18.2
Tipo Multiplayer Survival survival pvp Anarchy Griefing Java Custom Map Dynmap Paper safe spawn
United States
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A newer take on a survival server!

The Railroad and map dates to late 2011, is Currently over 200k+ blocks long, about 125 Miles (200km) and getting longer! It has been updated and worked on since Minecraft was in mid Beta.
So the map will never be reset if you worry about that.

( Dynmap Map Viewer! WIP ) ( Planet Minecraft Page "Updated often" )

"You will feel safe riding the Railroad, but when you leave it you find yourself in Anarchy Survial lands!

It can be a griefed wasteland in many areas and you will most likely die, server is in hard difficulty, people may attack you and steal your stuff outside the railroad, grief your base and leave their mark...
Be-careful on this railroad, there will be no Admins to save you....No bans will be given unless I feel like it, no one will be safe...."

Some Tips:
* Traveling the Railroad by Minecart is a good idea to get far away from spawn safely when you first start if you can grab a Minecart quick.

* Using a Minecart Furnace as a Locomotive the server railroad can be clunky, but effective for long distances & transporting goods!

* Using Random Teleport can be useful for going a far distances however, the RTP command can send you millions of blocks away with no easy way to travel back to spawn other then the /spawn command but might be useful for trying to find a rare biome!

* Building just outside spawns borders is usually the most dangerous are to build your base! It has been griefed a lot over the years! Much safer to build a few thousand blocks away at the minimum, or far down the railroad outside the protected zone.

* The server map is very old, so you may have to travel a bit to find a newer biome.

* The protected zone covers about 150K blocks of the railroad and a small bit of land around it, but the railroad still continues for about 200/250k blocks
NOTE: The protection zone does not extend to the south of spawn, and is not maintained by me.

* The railroad is now Redstone powered up to about the first ocean crossing then goes back to the original mid-201* era basic track, you will need a furnace cart/minecart to help you travel past this point.

* YouTuber's don't have the strength to cross the railroad & most likely would probably stop halfway

* I don't believe anyone yet has fully crossed the full length of the railroad yet.

A semi-vanilla survival mode server with a protected area around the railroad, EVERYWHERE ELSE IN NO RULES NO-MANS LAND! Build what you like, blow something up, or blow up yourself with an end crystal... there are no rules in the Anarchy lands. I always dump very rare items into a chest in spawn! Check it every once in awhile to see if I refilled it!

Use /rtp world to tp to a totally random cord on the server! This has a small delay to prevent abuse.
Use /spawn to go back to the main spawn
Use /clan to make a clan tag
Use /kill to kill yourself like in old Minecraft and go back to spawn if you get trapped, you will loose your stuff however.

Travel around this old project, and your sure to find something that gives you an advantage :)
I do want to also improve Minecart travel on the server soon, via a plugin.

For Minecraft Java 1.18.2
SERVER ADDRESS: rron.apexmc.co

This was a map I started around late 2011 and I have been building on since, and now decided to turn it into an PVP Anarchy Survival Serverafter all these years, I never finished the railroad (which I wanted to reach the world border), but you guys might finish it for me lol or find a way to blow it up somehow lol.. Even now I still work on it...
The first video ever of the map was over 5 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ1qmgSu13k

So yes the server map is VERY, VERY old. Almost as old as 2b2t dating back to 2011. There are many things on that map that even I haven't seen since the map was started years ago. Many world-edited in builds and random crap that is over 10+ years old are still around.

Also home to one of the largest water crossings ever made in Minecraft, a-lot of it made in survival mode. Marked by towers at the south end as the beginning of the bridge. Though how the chunks were made it is more like a long river now lol, as it was made when oceans basically went on forever.

The map has a protected area around the Railroad, but protections are turned off & PVP on as soon as you leave it's boarders.
Limited Anti-Cheat outside the railroad borders, your base MAY GET GRIEFFED!!!!!!!

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