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Versión 1.6.x Latest
Tipo Faction Survival Pve Survival Economy Backpacks Bosses Custom Plugins MCjobs Village Defense Vehicles Cannons
United States
Ultima Actualización08 Jul 2021
Fecha de Ingreso26 Jun 2021


Our community at VillagerPvP are constantly looking to make the experience a memorable one. Our server has a number of improvement of life features for Minecraft that enhances the overall experience of playing on Minecraft. We have a lot of plans to keep this server and community on for a very long time, and do hope that you get to join on an adventure with us!

Java IP :


Not only do we provide these massive upgrades to Minecraft mechanics for the enjoyment of yourself and for your friends we also have implemented a better faction system that enhances the flavor of an SMP & Factions gameplay experience.

GamePlay Addons

✶ Custom Generated Dungeons

✶ Unique Weather Events -> Erosion, Tornadoes, Sandstorms, Meteor & Asteroid Impacts, and much more

✶ Custom Armor - > Can create many other armor types, more information at /warp tut

✶ Custom Mobs - > New mobs that spice up the Minecraft experience!✶ Muskets -> Can create your own musket to survive the wilderness!

✶ Teleporter Portals -> Can create your own portal for quick fast travel, more information at /warp tut

✶ Turrets - > To watch your six and protect your land✶ Kingdoms -> Many neat features for factions includes buffs, soldiers, income, turrets, etc

✶ Mob Arena-> How long can you survive?

✶ Herobrine -> White Eyes can see through your soul

✶ Skills -> Improved MMCO System

Join our community and stake your claim on VillagerPvP!