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Ultimo Ping23 minutes 40 seconds ago
Versión 1.12.2
Tipo Modded Faction Survival Factory Rpg Loot PvP Survival Casual Land Claim
United States
Ultima Actualización16 Apr 2021
Fecha de Ingreso16 Apr 2021


Bring back the glory days of technology advancement during the Tekkit days of Minecraft. Being 1.2.5 days when Yogscast was at its prime days. With a twist of individuality and exploration at its peak. Industrialization to the next level of creativity. Exploit the world for its resources to expand your empire to reach the stars and build a megacorporation. There might be some threats that want to destroy your empire. But with vast of technology at your disposal, you might just wipe them to extinction you decied what want to to the vast universe and dimensions are at your hands. 

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