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Sitio Web Sitio Web
Discord Discord
IP del Servidor
Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Versión 1.16.5
Tipo Survival Skyblock MCMMO Spleef Jukebox Music RandomTeleport Economy
United Kingdom
Ultima Actualización17 Apr 2021
Fecha de Ingreso03 Feb 2021


First and foremost, we always put you as the player first. Our goal is to provide a server that is a unique, enjoyable and fresh experience for everyone and build an amazing community that everyone is welcomed to.

There are no strict rules or unfair regulations, the rules are as fair as possible for the players and the staff to make sure that everything is balanced. Our rules are simply guidance to prevent conflict, racial or sexual offense, and to prevent players from acquiring an unfair advantage over other players by either cheating or abusing exploits.


Server Features:

•         1.16.4 Survival

•         Skyblock

•         1.8 combat system for survival and KitPVP

•         Land Protection

•         Easily accessible shop on the go (/shop)

•         Fresh un-griefed world

•         MC MMO

•         Spleef

•         1 million block world border

•         Mine Spawners[BM1]  with silktouch

•         Ability to check your playtime

•         Random Teleport (/rtp)

•         Small amount of players required to sleep for daytime

•         Trading (/trade playername)

•         Noteblock themed music with /music

•         Earn money drops by mining, slaying mobs and fishing

•         Rewards for reporting bugs/glitches

•         Vote rewards (Vote crate token with special daily rewards, $1000 per vote, 2200 claim blocks per vote)