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Discord Discord
Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Versión 1.18.2
Tipo pve MCMMO Jobs Economy AntiGrief Rankup LWC Survival PvP Creative
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización27 Mar 2022
Fecha de Ingreso05 Jun 2020


Welcome to Unearthed, a friendly environment to make friends and have some fun in Minecraft! 
This server is for people to enjoy building, exploring, optional PvP, and more, all while meeting new people without the worry of griefing or harassment in their Minecraft experience.

We have the classic look and feel of a vanilla server, but we have carefully selected certain plugins and datapacks which take nothing away from the core game play and instead only boost fun and security to our players. 
Every plugin (and datapack) we have is there to help us make sure you have an enjoyable experience playing on our server.

We have a rank system (Only in-game requirements), a server item shop, Creative Plots world, a rtp command, Dynmap, and more!
We also have a PvP Optional system. Players can opt in to PvP to fight with others!

Our main plugins that we use are EssentialsX, mcMMO, JobsReborn, PlotsSquared, Multiverse, and Towny. But we have a bunch more as well!
And we have big plans to add some more fun content!

We also have parties and events held on the server several times a year, such as Halloween, Christmas, random themed parties, building competitions, and more!

There is a server for you at Unearthed! We hope you enjoy! 

Our Server Rules:
● 1. No x-ray, exploiting, or hacks of any kind.
● 2. Do not attempt to lag, crash, or intentionally harm/disrupt the server.
● 3. No begging for anything (money, ranks, items, etc).
● 4. Behave respectfully towards others (No harassment, rudeness, large arguments, etc).
● 5. Do not grief any claimed land (breaking/messing with builds, or killing animals of other player). Unclaimed land is fair game.
● 6. Do not build within close proximity to other bases/Towns.
● 7. You can only attempt to kill players who have opted in to PvP ('PvP' will display with their name above the player)
● 8. No spamming or use of excessive CAPs.
● 9. No advertising other servers of any kind.
● 10. No inappropriate/profane builds, skins, or Town names. 
● 11. No excessive cussing or trying to bypass cleanchat.
● 12. Do not try to bypass the AFK kick timer.