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Tipo Survival pvp Creative Player Shops Player Ranks AntiGrief Casual Dutch english Multiverse
United Kingdom
Ultima Actualización15 Feb 2021
Fecha de Ingreso19 Apr 2020


On the Armoury Network Minecraft server, you can expect to have the ultimate Minecraft experience. An Armoury, in history, is a place for soldiers to get ready for the upcoming challenges life faces. We are a small group of friends who run a community server together inspired by the Hermitcraft series and the SMP genre. We want to ensure that anyone of all ages can play in safety with the support of our staff to help them through the challenges both Minecraft and life throws at them. In terms of location, the server is hosted in Western Europe with the main languages of the server being English & Dutch  Although we focus upon the ultimate survival experience we have other features listed below.

Come along. Come join our community. We are welcoming and will help you to meet long-lasting friends.





O- Cross Compatability - Bedrock Players can join as well as Java

O- Player Run shops using villager shops Admin shops

O- Warps Set Homes

O- Over 10+ earnable ranks!

O- Weekly / Daily Kits based upon Rank

O- Ranks based upon voting/playtime

O- Plots world to test out building designs / redstone contraptions

O- Grief Prevention for your bases

O- Referal Scheme for friends School Mates

O- Regular Events

O- Minigames and Parkour

O- RPG Roleplaying

O- Discord integration

O- Website microtransactions using enjin

O- Mining World with improved ore generation

O- Monthly resetting End-World

O- Mob Stacking

O- Active and kind staff team