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Versión 1.15.2
Tipo PvE MCMMO Mobarena Arena Pvp Economy Ranks rpg Roleplay Quests
United States
Ultima Actualización19 Jul 2021
Fecha de Ingreso29 Sep 2018


Player Driven Economy • MCMMO • PVP Arenas • Vote 4 Prizes • MobArena • Death Chest • Spleef • Ranks • Quests • Hard Mode

Welcome to Gamers Cafe! Centralized in Grand Rapids, Michigan but reaching even across the seas, this server strives to create a community to accommodate all sorts of play-styles. While mainly being a PvE server, we host a PvP arena for those itching to swing their swords and shoot down worthy opponents. Not enough mobs for your warrior needs? Hit up the mob arena to hone your skills on waves of opponents and bosses. Adding some flair, we feature the mcMMO plugin to expand your every day activities to even acrobatics for better jumping! Our claims are protected by the golden shovel plugin and allow you to trust your friends to promote a safe community. Our friendly staff is here if there are any questions so feel free to reach out on discord! See you soon!





Change Logs
01 Oct 2018

We moved to a new host. The DNS record should update soon but for now you can connect with!

02 Oct 2018

We have completed our switch to a faster host and eliminated any lag issues. Our previous host had an ad-hoc setup we did not agree with so we ditched them. Come on down to the HIGH SPEED, LOW Lag Server!

04 Oct 2018

Player driven economy GO-LIVE is COMPLETE! You can now participate and earn money. Check out /warp bank

07 Oct 2018

We have added to claim sizes. You now accur 100 blocks per hour up to 4500 blocks. You can also buy blocks for $75 each ingame cash.

09 Oct 2018

New Physical Market Stalls to sell items at!

11 Oct 2018

+Updated options for donations
+Changed Donation Title to Redstone
+Setup Automated Purchasing and validation with /buy

11 Oct 2018

+Death Chests are now locked for all players, not just Redstone as this is not a PVP centered server.
+Nether Reloaded
+End Reloaded
+Extended more information to the /rules command

15 Oct 2018

+new plugin for shops
+GR AntiCheat
+Shop Regions purchasing resumed & fixed
+Fixed some false positives in the anti-cheat
+✇ GRC (grand rapids coin) - Renamed in-game currency

17 Oct 2018

+New player ranks by playtime with additional perks

24 Oct 2018

UPDATE TO 1.13.2

+Free To Play Player Ranks

+Quest Welcome
+Quest Frogging Around

+Quest Kelp-o's quest
+Quest Jail Repair

10 Nov 2018

+Fixed Infernal Mob Drops

01 Dec 2018

Nightmare Mode is ACTIVE! Join tonight to get super rare enchants! Watch out for the super powered mobs that drop them!

16 Dec 2018


19 Dec 2018


26 Dec 2018

christmas prizes for all!

28 Dec 2018

New Voting Rewards!

01 Aug 2019

Players rank iron or higher now also gain mob disguises as they rank up! Details on player ranks:

15 Jan 2020

I have finally got around to updating to 1.15! Changes as follows: Removed a lot of the Epic & Ultimate plugins as they are terribly written and eat server resources. To make up for the removal of epic furnaces we have turned back on mcmmo smelting. As always report all errors to


Mob spawn rates have been tamed. You should be able to move around without being swarmed now. Shortly we will be removing the 114 world and replacing it with 115 to get there you can use "/mvtp 115" this world will contain all the new items such as bees and beehives which you can bring back home.

17 Jan 2020

Fixed Grief Today peachfuzz02 is banned now

18 Jan 2020


19 Jan 2020

abandoned items up for bid in /ah

20 Jan 2020


21 Jan 2020


22 Jan 2020


23 Jan 2020


27 Jan 2020


25 Feb 2020

econ is now mob hunting based

18 Apr 2020

free premium for new players. 2 weeks of redstone once you reach "stone" rank

19 Jul 2021