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Versión 1.8.x 1.16
Tipo Spigot Prison MCMMO Economy Survival events Network Custom Coded Bosses Quests
United States
Ultima Actualización12 Sep 2020
Fecha de Ingreso13 Oct 2014


[b]LattyCraft network - Since 2012[/b] /

In LattyCraft you'll have a great time with all the addicting and exciting custom gameplay and features! The server community has grown together for a long time and you'll feel very welcome to be a part of it with the friendly fellow players. The more you get familiar with the server, the happier you will become with being a part of it

We have servers running in the EU and US for optimal ping for everyone. You can connect to our servers with 1.16 although you can still connect as far back as 1.8, however you may be missing out on some of our features. You can join our discord where we host giveaways and chat amongst the community, also stay in touch for events we host, such as weekly drop parties!


Hub Minigames

Start your LattyCraft journey off in our unique Hub with minigame and LootBox features! We have spleef, parkour, daily mazes and paintball to offer! Using tokens you gain from some of these purchase our LootBoxes! LootBoxes can give you fun cosmetics such as pets or have the chance of winning a present box for one of our gamemodes! Play around with friends and earn cool cosmetics in our Hub!


Join us on Miners where you work your way through Mines A-Z and prestige, gaining skillpoints and continuing to prestige to improve your skill tree. Your skill tree makes it easier to prestige over time! Also use pick upgrades, ore multipliers, explosives, and potions to make your way through the prestiging journey faster! Miners’ main focus is to grind through the gamemode, and compete with others on your skill levels and prestiges. This gamemode is highly addictive and fun. /server miners


Join us on Survival where you have the ability to start out with a random tp to our beautiful open world with custom biomes. Join friends in BOSS battles with unique drops, help them with our unique QUESTS or compete against them in our Jobs and MCMMO leaderboards! You can join jobs to help gain money for doing certain tasks for skills, whilst levelling your MCMMO! These addons help make our server less vanilla and more unique. Come join us and work yourself to the top of our leaderboards! 

 /server survival

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