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Sitio Web
Discord Discord
Versión Interlude
Tipo Retail Nolag
Ubicación Belize
Ultima Actualización08 Aug 2022
Fecha de Ingreso31 May 2022


Start of OBT: 20.08.2022

Opening: 26.08.2022

Chronicle: Interlude

Client: Classic

Dear players, our server only works on Classic Client(s). To play on our server - you need to download the client exclusively from our website.

Attention! If you do not see, in the list, a description of a particular system, then its mechanics correspond to the official version of the game.

  • Server rates: 
    • Exp/SP: x3
    • Adena: x1
    • Drop: х1
    • Spoil: x1
    • SealStones: x1
    • RB EXP/SP: х2
    • RB Drop Chance: х1
    • EpicRB Drop: x1
    • Quest Drop*: x1
    • Quest Reward (adena/exp/sp): x1
  • Premium account rates:
    • Exp/SP: x4.5
    • Adena: x1.5
    • Spoil: x1.5
    • SealStones: x1.5
    • Doubles the duration of received buff effects.