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Sitio Web
Versión H5
Tipo Custom PvP
Ubicación Russia
Ultima Actualización24 Aug 2020
Fecha de Ingreso30 Jan 2020


Dear friends!

We invite you to take part in the game where the most powerful Greek gods rule: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon!

A large-scale, varied and damn big pantheon mod is waiting for you, about the ancient Greek gods, who once again became angry with humanity and began to harm it in every way, gradually bringing the matter to an open conflict.

It is you who must resist the super-powerful hysterics of the gods!


The Lineage 2 Pantheon x55 server will open on September 12 at 18:00 Moscow time!

Opening of the MBT will take place on September 5 at 18:00 Moscow time!


The main qualities of our project:

 Lineage 2 High Five with Pantheon addons and mods!

 DDoS and hacking protection guaranteed.

 Everything can be achieved through play.

 Extensive experience of administration in the field of Lineage.

 Stable server operation 24/7.

 The project always works until the last player.

 Great starter online!


 A present from Pantheon every day!


A cozy atmosphere and great mood are waiting for you! The opening is hot, high online and exciting battles are guaranteed!

We always take into account all your wishes and feedback so that our project is as balanced as possible!

Our main task before the players is to provide a high-quality project for a comfortable stay!

Before the opening, we suggest you visit our forum, as well as take part in the project's promotions!

Change Logs
13 Jun 2020

We invite everyone to start the new Lineage 2 Fafurion PvP x1200 server.
If you were looking for a high-quality Fafurion server, where you can really have a good time and stay for a long time, then you are welcome!
With us you will appreciate the service and quality of work of all project resources!

Our team is absolutely interested in every player who, naturally, does not violate the rules of the project. We are pleased to provide our players with a truly high-quality product, accompanying all this with a decent budget for advertising, which will allow you to assemble a large online! As well as an advanced player support system, where everyone can turn to for any question and get a satisfying answer!

Opening June 13 at 20.00 Moscow time.

The start of MBT on June 6 at 20.00 Moscow time.

High and stable online!
The strongest clans, party and alliances!
PvP battles 24/7 and the hot Olympics!
Continuous server support by advertising!
Long-term work without a wipe!
Stable work of all project resources!
High-quality assembly and protection from third-party software!
Constant improvement of the server, the implementation of new systems and more.
The complete lack of interference in the game process by the administration.
All items presented in the Store for Donations can be obtained by game.