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Versión 1.9
Tipo Golden Shovel AntiGrief Creative Buycraft Survival PvE Griefprevention Fun Economy
United States
Ultima Actualización09 Jan 2016
Fecha de Ingreso09 Jan 2016

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What is The Stream? The Stream is a 24/7, non-grief, friendly, non-pvp survival server. The Stream has a custom terrain generator (as seen in the screenshots linked or shown above) which can result in some very cool builds and bases. We have a dedicated and friendly staff team that is fully equipped to handle all of your questions and concerns, as well as a reliable hosting company with a fully optimized server.
Do you have an economy? Yes! We allow for player shops, and we have a main shop at the server’s spawn point.
How do I join? Just connect using in game!
What are some of your ranks? Other than staff ranks, we have: Supporter
You can donate at