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Versión 1.12.2
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United States
Ultima Actualización23 Feb 2018
Fecha de Ingreso25 Aug 2015

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Savage Realms Raid!

Server status Online
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A factions PvP Experience with RPG!



Server Bio:

Current Version: 1.8 --> Latest Minecraft Version 



Savage Realms, A huge server that has returned! We are bringing back the #1 thing which everyone loves. Raid!



What is Raid/PVP? Its a Hardcore pvp with factions, players fight to the death in teams with custom biomes.
You can join the Savage Realms Raid server today! The Savage Realms Raid server has many features including:

- Factions
- Wilderness world (PvP on, build/destroy on, and faction claiming on)
- Raiding
- PvP world
- Event world
- Custom Classes
- RPG Quests
- Custom Bosses
- Brand New Wilderness!!

Faction settings:

- Water won't protect from TnT
- Obsidian isn't unbombable
- Map is small and compact (5,500)
- Protection factions aren't allowed
- Max 60 claims
- No Wilderness vaults


You might be thinking "What's this 'reborn' talk about?". Well, Savage Realms Raid has recently come under new ownership. A previous Admin and a previous Moderator, Louis1 and klowe10, are now the owners. They have brought about many changes. Notable ones include:

- New Server IP!
- New Owners
- New Staff
- All Bans Reset! Anyone can come on in!
- New (custom) plugins for Savage Raid
- Updated Gameplay!
- RPG world added again
- Nostalgia - type features (Spawns, Warzones, Ect)
- Better voting perks
- New Donation Ranks
- Advertising Plans

and many more!!

Come checkout Raid today!
Play at ip: !!