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Versión 1.13.2
Tipo Adventure Anime Big Map Build Custom Gamemodes Towny Townywars
United States
Ultima Actualización16 Aug 2019
Fecha de Ingreso25 Jul 2019
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A towny server with the map of a 1:1000 scale of the Earth! We have a Dynmap where you can see the whole map from a birds-eye view. Gold ingots are the base currency ($1 each) and there are other ways to make money like farming! Once you get $32, you can create a town! Join a nation to be in a group of allied towns. There is also Towny flag war, meaning you can attack enemy nations' towns! Unlike most servers, we believe in freedom of speech, meaning you are free to say whatever (as long as it isn't harassment)! We have vehicles as well as furniture too. We also have a Discord where the Minecraft chat is hooked up, meaning you can talk to/see people on the server through Discord! Praxis is not P2W by any means. The server is 1.13.2+. Other features include McMMO and green 4chan text.
- Towny + Towny flag war
- Custom Earth map
- Dynmap (}
- Gold-based economy
- Free speech
- Vehicles
- Furniture
- Server Discord (
- Not P2W
- 1.13.2+ version
- >green 4chan text
We hope to see you there!


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