[3.3.5] Nethercrusade - Instant 60 PvP


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Versión 3.3.5a
Tipo Instant 60 Twink Custom Content Battlegrounds Raids Classic Arenas Crossfaction Progression PVP
Ultima Actualización04 Nov 2018
Fecha de Ingreso23 Jun 2017

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Nether Crusade is an instant 60 PvP realm with a progress system that rewards the player for participating in Battlegrounds, Rated Arena's, Free for All events, World PvP and even a little PvE. Every character has 50 ranks to unlock, upranking this so called "Battle Rank" will be your main goal since this will decide what gear you can wear. Every rank unlocks certain items for multiple slots which can be bought from a vendor once unlocked...