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Hola Ven a visitar EmporiumPvP, somos un nuevo servidor que ofrece TONELADAS de características únicas. Nos esforzamos por la calidad y la satisfacción del jugador. Hemos pasado meses optimizando y creando esta maravillosa experiencia de facciones. Hay muchos complementos personalizados,...

Change Logs
06 Jul 2016

COME JOIN US WE're a fun unique factions server <3

There are a few rules to follow when applying for Chatmod:
Please ensure you follow these rules, or your application will be denied.

* The Age requirement is 15 and older. Applicants under the age of 15 will have their application removed for failure to follow the rules.

* All of your posts/threads will be looked over to verify that they are of good, mature content.

*You must show good activity within the community, both on the servers and forums.

*You must have been on the server at least a day or longer. We have too many new players who just come in and apply just to have the status not to actually help out the server.

*Your English must be acceptable. We all can make grammatical errors, that's normal, but please keep your speech professional.

* You must to be able to solve problems rationally and calmly.

*Providing any falsified information will render your application as a denial, and will lessen any future chances at becoming staff. Also, any application that is denied, the applicant must go through a waiting period of three weeks prior to submitting a new application. Double or triple posts will be deleted.

*Please do not copy-paste your application from any previous attempts on other servers, we do our background checks and will more than likely come across it.

*Any troll application will be denied instantly.

Chatmod application template:

Please fill in everything you can, the question with * MUST be filled in as they are the most important.

*Minecraft username:

*EmporiumPvP bans page: Give us a link to the page, even if you're not on it.

*Skype Username:

*Age: You must be over 15 years old be apply.

What Country are you currently in? :

Do you have any staff referrals?: Please don't enter a username if you were not referred. This does NOT mean being linked to the page, this means people who are saying you’d be fit for the job.

How long have you been playing on Emporium: Must be longer then a day.

What has motivated you to apply for a staff position at EmporiumPvP?:

*Why you would like to become a Chatmod on EmporiumPvP?: Give us a detailed explanation

Have you received any punishments at EmporiumPvP, or any other server?:

If a fight might occur between two players, other than calling for another staff member, how would you handle the situation?:

What benefits would you bring to the server if we would accept you?:

On average, how active are you on a daily basis? How many days per week do you play?: We will not accept players who will be online less than 3 hours a day.

What experiences do you have with moderating a community or game?

*Do you speak any other languages besides English:

Anything we should be aware of, or you'd like to include: