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What does our Teamspeak offer you:
- Music bot
- Private Channel // Auto Channel Creator
- Level / Ranking System
- Set your own groups
- Teamspeak support
- Reward System


ArcitcBlaze is a multigaming community Clan.
We play many different games such as CS:GO, PubG, League of Legends and even Minecraft. Our Teamspeak is open to everyone with many features. You can move freely and create your own channels.

Since 14.04.2018 we have a Teamspeak Level System of 1 - 100. You will get a level up depending on your activity over time.
Are you active and able to reach level 100? - Go and try it out.


You can also set up groups for yourself, and if you like fancy music, we also own music bot in our music channels.



Website  |  YouTube  | Twitter  | Steam Group  |  ESL Play


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