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Tipo 5x PVP
United States
Ultima Actualización16 Sep 2020
Fecha de Ingreso16 Sep 2020


Rusty Boiz 5X is an established server, which focuses on increasing player interaction with various rust events, PVP and monuments.

You can join now by writing in your rust console (press F1 to open console):

Or search in Rust's moded servers tab - Rusty Boiz 5X
Wipe schedule is every two weeks.

Join The Rusty Boiz 5X Discord:

Access VIP Kits:


Gather rate is 5x

Teleportation - To and From other players, Teleport to Outpost and Bandit Camp, Set home and teleport home.
Loot++ - 5x loot custom loot tables for Bradley, helicopter and airdrop. Underwater crates have nice loot too.
Timed Events: Locked Crates, Bradley, Plane Crash, Notifications
Rewards - Harvest more resources with Zlevel experience levels
Instant crafting - with Bulk craft
Furnace Splitters
Skin Box- Custom Skin your Loot!
Kits - For easy start at server or rebuilding after raid

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