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Tipo 3x Gather Noob Friendly Active Admin Airdrop Inbound Better loot Bgrades Clans Dedicated Blueprints Fast Smelting
United Kingdom
Ultima Actualización31 May 2020
Fecha de Ingreso17 May 2020


[EU] Sardonic's 3x Server is a semi-vanilla experience, Weekly wipe cycle with some of the following change's:

- Clan Limit 6
-3x gather rate's (1.5x for Sulfur)
-Half Craft and Smelt rate's
-Teir 1 BP's Unlocked (Wiped monthly)
-Noob Friendly with Plugin's to help new player's
- Active Admin's and Noob Friendly!

Enjoy the server!

(Any issue's contact EasyAntiCheat.exe (SAR)#2629 on discord, Thank's!)

Most of the Plugin's used:
Recycler Speed
Offline Doors
Furnace Splitter
Clear Night
Code Sync
Arrow Raiding
Automated Events
Box Sorter

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