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Welcome to WeebNetworks! Where all weebs and even non-weebs can be degenerates. Hi I'm Eecer and I've been working on WeebNetworks for a while now, I've decided it's finally time for it to be live, My goal is to make a community which is completely laid back and allows people to voice their opinons & suggestions.

Addons which make the bank alot more enjoyable to raid (IE Deposit boxes & Supply Crate),
Tons of Zeros Addons such as Oil Drilling, Mining and Trash Collector,
A Better PD (IE Escapeable prison with auto release, Mayor Computer which allows for Police Upgrades, Raidable Police Armory and Mayor Vault Deposit Boxes),
VoidUnboxing allows players to have permanent weapons without spending a IRL dime.
Mostly M9K but with FA:S and small bits of TFA,
New Phone Addon which allows you to Bank Online & Call/Text your friends,
and a LOT more!

As my current staff team is extremely small (Basically just the Developer, The Other Owner and I) we are in a dire need of staff.
We would apsolutely love it if you'd applied and became apart of our staff team! We are also currently giving away our second top tier donation rank, Silver! (Worth £20!) for free! However this only applys to people who've Registered to our website, joined our discord and steam group.

Discord: discord.com/invite/4RHwjUr
Website: www.weebnetworks.co.uk

Cheers from all of us!

Eecer (Owner)
Ciee (HOS)
WildToasty (Developer)

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