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Ocean Front Roleplay

~ On behalf of Ocean Front Roleplay , I am pleased to say that we are looking for new people to join of our community,

~ We wish to make roleplay fun and enjoyable and make the server the best there is to play on. We have a wide selection of departments that any new person could join.~

Departments We Offer
~ Fire Department
~ Los Santos Police Department
~ Sandy Police Department
~ Paleto Bay Police Department
~ Los Santos Sheriff's Department
~ Blaine County Sheriff's Department
~ Blaine County Parks And Wildlife
~ San Andreas State Troopers
~ Bail Bonds Agency
~ Gruppe 6
~ San Andreas Towing
~ Department Of Transportation
~ Communications Department
~ Civilians

We Offer
~ A friendly environment to be in.
~ A functional server to play on.
~ A functional Discord server.
~ Active and friendly staff members
~ Frequent updates of new content.
~ We offer NON-ELS.
~ Custom scripts, custom maps , custom cars
~ And last, but not least EUP.

How To join Ocean Front Roleplay : https://discord.gg/mR4EJwn

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